Shine and Protect: Best Practices for Urushi Fountain Pen Care

After you've spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a urushi fountain pen, we hope you can master the correct maintenance methods to preserve the beauty and elegance of this type of art for a long time.

Here are our four suggestions that we hope will be helpful to you.

1.Avoid Sun Exposure and High Temperatures

Urushi fountain pens are susceptible to the effects of sunlight and high temperatures. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or high-temperature environments can lead to the peeling of the lacquer coating. To safeguard their exquisite appearance, it's advisable to refrain from leaving them in direct sunlight for extended durations.

2.Avoid Impacts and Falls

This is a universal rule applicable to all pens, and lacquer pens are no exception.

3.Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Substances such as salt and alkali can cause damage to lacquerware, so exercise caution to prevent contact with these substances. If the pen body becomes stained with sweat, promptly wipe it clean. Additionally, be mindful not to use abrasive or harsh cleaners when cleaning; a simple damp cloth will suffice.

4.Avoid Prolonged Soaking

When cleaning the interior of pens, it is best to refrain from prolonged soaking in water. Keeping them dry is one of the key secrets to maintaining their allure over time.