TIANZI T01 in mystery blue on the desk
TIANZI fountain pen in mystery blue on the desk

Look at T01 Mystery Blue

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baobo fountain pen (original TIANZI)_T01 in white
baobo fountain pen (original TIANZI)_T01 in white

Get T01 Clear White

baobo(original TIANZI) clear blue in hand
baobo(original TIANZI) clear blue in hand

Check T01 Clear Blue

Elegance in the hand

Get your first TIANZI fountain pen

Fancy Pen in skyblue&white
TIANZI T01 Clear Fountain Pen

Clear body with large ink capacity

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Tianzi Fountain Pen - Urushi pen - Urushi fountain pen
TIANZI Urushi Fountain Pen

A must-see for fountain pen collectors

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Tianzi fountain pen - classic fountain pens - mauve,darkgreen and blue
TIANZI T01 Vintage

A good balance of vintage and modern

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TIANZI T01 in mauve in hand

Say "hi" to T01 mauve

Not just a good-looking pen, try it now

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We Are Baobo

After more than 20 years as an OEM manufacturer for various global brands, we made the decision to sell under our own brand, and that's when TIANZI was born. However, customers mentioned that the name was difficult to pronounce, so we changed it to 'baobo.'

Just as a good camera can inspire people to take photos, we believe that a good pen can inspire people to write.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing using plastics and metals, we easily find the perfect balance between product functionality, appearance, and user experience. This expertise is infused into every baobo product.

Our goal is quite simple: to have our pens become reliable tools in your daily life and make writing a joy.

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  • Journaling with white TIANZI piston fountain pen
    Barrel and Cap of White Tianzi Piston Fountain Pen
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  • TIANZI  T01 in Darkgreen with Notebook
    Darkgreen Tianzi Piston Fountain Pen M Nib
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  • TIANZI Piston Fountain Pen Appearance-Mystery blue
    Mystery Blue Tianzi Piston Fountain Pen F Nib
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  • Barrel and Cap of Skyblue Tianzi Piston Fountain Pen
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TIANZI urushi fountain pen body&cap

Crafting Elegance and History: Exploring the World of Urushi Fountain Pens

Urushi fountain pens are often favored by many fountain pen enthusiasts due to their exquisite and luxurious appearance. However, their high price deters many admirers who, though they appreciate them, find it challenging to add these pens to their collections. In the eyes of pen collectors, urushi fountain pens are considered unique works of art rather than just writing instruments. What makes them so special?

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